Ten Best Types Of Roof Trusses

10 Types Of Wood Roof Trusses In Indiana

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Intro To Roof Truss Designs

 Whitewater Truss LLC is a professional building company making wood roof trusses in Indiana based out of the city of Hagerstown. We specialize in customer satisfaction, on-time job completion, staying within the existing quote, and providing the highest quality possible.

 Anyone is going to want to look for a professional truss company because we want the very best for the structure we are having built, but most of us have no idea about the differences between trusses or that there are even different kinds of trusses are out there. However you are in luck my friend because today I will be telling you about the 10 best types of wood roof trusses in Indiana and the purpose of application.

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1. King Post Truss

King post truss on blog post.

 The king post is the most basic of truss designs, It can span up to 16 feet and is usually used in garages and sheds. The king post is not the strongest truss design but in its common applications it does the job that is required of it. The King Post Truss consists of a horizontal member that has two diagonal timbers that form a triangle, with a single piece of wood that extends from the base up to the peak that forms a durable truss.

 The single vertical piece of wood can be replaced with a metal bar and therefore be called a King Rod Truss. This will naturally give you a stronger truss but at a higher cost. The advantage of the King Post Truss is the affordability due to the simple design and small number of materials required to build it.

2. Double Fan Truss

Double fan truss on blog post.

 The double fan truss can reach 30 to 36 feet and is usually used in small pole buildings. This truss is sometimes built with two vertical posts in between the fans to offer greater stability, and strength. This truss is another inexpensive option due to its simple construction. Also another great choice for your building.

Gambrel Roof Truss

gambrel truss

The Gambrel truss is a truss that has two low sloping sections on top and two steep sections on the side that allows for a barn-like construction of your building

For this reason, the Gambrel truss is most commonly used in barns. This type of truss will give you a very steep roof which will make sure no sticks end up on your roof. You can remove some of the middle sections and make a type of attic truss so you can capitalize on attic storage. Finally, The Gambrel roof trusses also yield great aesthetic appeal.

4. Room-In-The-Attic Truss

wood truss

 This is a very common type of truss, it allows you to have an attic for general storage so your stuff doesn’t clutter your living areas. The Room-In-The-Attic Truss is most commonly used in garages and large sheds. This truss is a dual benefit creating space for storage and can also increase the value of your property.

5. The Polynesian Truss

Polynesian truss on blog post.

 The Polynesian-style truss is most commonly found in Asia-Pacific Polynesian style homes, often times you will see this design in Hawaii and other coastal homes. They feature a dual pitch top cord with a modest pitch starting at the bearing and switching to a steeper pitch towards the peak. This truss is a strong and stylish option. 

6. The Queen Post Truss

 The queen post truss is very similar to the king post the only difference is that there is a fan in the middle of the truss and the Queen post in the middle of the fan. It still has all the benefits of a king post it is just a little more stable. These trusses are also really easy to make and are extremely affordable.


7. The Barrel Vault Truss

Barrel vault truss on blog post.

 The Barrel Vault Truss is a truss that is normally designed for cellars and long hallways. In order to create the barrel truss; small pieces have to be aligned in just the right way which makes this a very complicated truss. This truss is also designed to keep the area cool during the hotter months one of the main benefits of this truss.

 The Barrel Vault Truss is a  more decorative truss adding a benefit of visual appeal to the mix. 

8. The Howe Scissors Truss

Howe Scissors truss on blog post

 The Howe Scissors truss is used when a vaulted ceiling is required. A scissors roof truss is almost entirely used to support a pitched roof, where a sloping or raised ceiling surface is desired for aesthetic appeal. 

 The benefits include showing off exposed beams, acoustics, or simply for a more open feeling in the room.

9. The Three-Piece Long Span Truss

3 piece long span truss on blog post.

This type of  Truss has lengths from 60 feet to 80 feet long. Any truss spanning 60 feet or more is considered a long-span truss.  The Three-Piece Long Span is made for large buildings and is very strong. This truss can be applied to a giant pole building or warehouses. 

10. The Three-Piece Raised Center Bay Truss

3 Piece Raised Center Bay Truss on blog post.

 This is the largest of all these trusses as you can tell by the lengths in the picture. This truss can be used in horse barns, garages, or warehouses. The Three-Piece Raised Center Bay Truss can extend over horse stalls or any large middle area you may need in your building. 

At the end of the day, you ask and we deliver! There are tons of different designs and applications for trusses and it all comes down to what you’re looking to build, and how you want that building to look based on the purpose of that building. The rest is up to us at Whitewater Truss LLC.

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