Custom Size Truss Orders

Whitewater is a leading manufacturer of custom wood trusses and truss systems for builders and homeowners throughout Indiana. Any size, any length, any design; we will manufacture the wood trusses for you project. If you need trusses designed, you can work with our team to decide upon the best design based on structural and aesthetic needs as well as costs and time. If you have the design, provide us with the specifications and we will make precisely what you need.

Floor trusses

Decorative Timber Trusses

We also design decorative timber trusses for homes, businesses and commercial projects. Made from wooden beams jointed together with wood pegs or steel joinery, timber trusses look great in hotels, entryways, and restaurants with cathedral and vaulted ceilings as well. Natural Wood Truss designs enrich the rustic beauty of any space you can imagine. A timber truss system does not need to be a part of the building's structure to elevate a space and enrich the appearance of the building. Saying all that to say, trusses can be designed to be non-structural and to be purely decorative. This is one way to achieve the look of a Timber Frame building while using conventional framing.

Decorative Timber Trusses

Customer Review

James Johnson


They make any size truss that you need. Very accommodating and don't charge an arm and a leg. Great people!

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Key Features

  • Safe and Secure
  • Reusable
  • Impact Resistant & Strong
  • Light Weight & Portable
  • Saves Time & Money
  • Labor & Material Savings
  • Reduces Crane Time
  • Precision 24" O.C. Design
  • Truss Locking Technology

The future of truss bracing is here. A revolutionary tool designed to save time and money.

The TrussLox System is perfect for contractors and builders who want a lightweight yet high impact truss bracing solution.

 TrussLox can be put up faster than any other system on the market, reducing crane time and man hours.

 TrussLox provides built-in locking technology that safely and easily locks trusses 24” on-center every time.

 Made with impact resistant material, TrussLox will withstand the wear and tear of any job site and can be re-used so there’s no need to spend money on other truss bracing materials.

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