Ten Best Types Of Roof Trusses

10 Types Of Roof Trusses

Intro To Roof Truss Designs

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Many of us are searching for a premium truss builder, because we want the very best for the house or barn we are building, but most of us have no idea about the differences between trusses and what kind of trusses are out there. You are in luck my friend because today I will be telling you about the 10 best types of roof trusses and their application.

 Each truss I will be telling you about is in a category and each one can get bigger and more complex to support more weight, but today I will keep it simple. (the last sentence applies to every one except 7,9,and 10.) 

 If you are looking for strong lightweight trusses at a very affordable price please contact us by phone (765-489-6261) by email (saleswwt@aol.com) or visit the shop at(79 Paul R Foulke Pkwy Hagerstown, IN 47346) for any questions that apply to trusses.

 If you are still interested please read on and get some more information on the terms and names of trusses.

 1. King Post Truss

King Post roof truss

 The king post is the simplest type of truss, It spans up to 16 feet and is usually used in garages and sheds. The king post is not the strongest truss in the world but it can hold its hold its own. The King Post Truss consists of a horizontal member that has two diagonal timbers that form a triangle, with a single piece of wood that extends from the base to the peak that forms an exceptionally durable truss.

 The single vertical piece of wood can be replaced with a metal bar and therefor be called a King Rod Truss. This will obviously give you a stronger truss but it will cost more. One of the advantages of a King Post Truss is that it is very affordable because of the small amount of materials required.

 2. Double Fan Truss

Double Fan Roof Truss

 The double fan truss can reach 30 to 36 feet and is usually used in small pole buildings. This truss is sometimes built with two vertical posts in between the fans to offer greater stability, and strength. This truss is also very cheap and easy to make because of the small amount of materials. If you have this truss put on your pole building you will have made a good decision.

 3. Gambrel Roof Truss

Gambrel Roof Truss

 You may be asking yourself “what is a gambrel truss?” a Gambrel truss is a truss that has two low sloping sections on top and two steep sections on the side that allows for a barn looking type of a house.

 The Gambrel truss is most commonly used in barns because of its hay storage properties. This type of truss will give you a very steep roof which will make sure no sticks end up on your roof. You can remove some of the middle sections and make a type of attic truss so you can capitalize on hay storage. These roof trusses also yield great aesthetic appeal (if that matters to you).


 4. Room-in-the-attic Truss

Room-in-the-attic Roof Truss

 This is a very common type of truss, it allows you to have an attic for storing things so the stuff doesn’t clutter your garage up. The Room-in-the-attic truss is most commonly used in garages and large sheds. This truss can also increase thew value of you property, now that’s a win win.

 5. Polynesian Truss

Polynesian Roof Truss

 The Polynesian style truss is for a modern home or somebody who wants to catch people’s attention. 

 6. Queen Post

 Th queen post truss is very similar to the king post the only difference is that there is a fan in the middle of the truss and the Queen post in the middle of the fan. It still has all the benefits of a king post it is just a little more stable. These trusses are also really easy to make and are extremely affordable. If you are thinking about a queen post truss for your garage or shed please contact White Water Truss LLC and we will get it to you as fast as possible.

 If you are interested in any of the trusses you have seen so far please contact White Water Truss LLC to schedule a consultation. All you have to do is tell them the trusses you want or if you don’t know what you want they will suggest some and give you a quote.

 7. Barrel Vault Truss

Barrel Vault Roof Truss

 The Barrel Vault Truss is a truss that is normally designed for a cellars and long hallways. In order to create the barrel truss; small pieces have to be aligned in just the right way which makes this a very complicated truss. This truss also keeps the room cool in the summer, which is a big win.

 The Barrel Vault Truss is more of a decorative truss which means your house can look cool and feel cool at the same time.

 8. Howe Scissors Truss

Howe Scissors Roof Truss

 The Howe Scissors trusses are used when a vaulted ceiling is required. Scissors roof trusses are almost entirely used in building construction to support a pitched roof, where a sloping or raised ceiling surface is desired for it’s aesthetic appeal. 

 The acoustic benefits, showing off exposed beams, or simply for a more open feeling in the room are a few other reasons to create a vaulted ceiling.

 9. Three-Piece Long Span Truss

Three-Piece Long Span Roof Truss

 This type of  Truss is made for a large building it is very strong and can reach lengths of up to 80 feet. This truss can be applied to a giant pole building or warehouse if you are interested in this truss please contact us today.

 10. Three-Piece Raised Center Bay

Three-Piece Raised Center Bay Roof Truss

 This is a giant truss as you can see. This truss can be used in a horse barn, it can extend over the horse stalls and a large middle area for grooming and washing, but whatever you want to use it for, use it. 


 Please call us for all your truss needs. Our phone (765-489-6261) our email (saleswwt@aol.com) for any and all questions pertaining to roof trusses.

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  1. Joshua, it’s good to know that a barrel vault truss can make my home cool in the summer, plus it can also make it look cool since it is more of a decorative truss. My husband and I are planning to build a beach house soon since we recently bought a vacant beachside lot. I’ll talk to him later about hiring a barrel vault building trusses in our new vacation home. Thanks for this!

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